Secure your Founder Edition smartpod, today. Deliveries are currently shipping October 2022 on a first-come, first-served basis. Quantities are limited.

Eligibility: Only available for delivery in California. The install location of your Denizen must be accessible by a pickup truck towing a pod. We will assist with electrical and foundation questions and recommendations, but the buyer is responsible for ensuring the site is ready for install. In most cases, this is as easy as parking and connecting a small RV.

Included: Sustainably-sourced, solid wood slab adjustable sit-stand desk. Aluminum exterior cladding. Premium felt upholstery. Audiophile-grade speakers. Multiple 4K cameras and microphones. BLE smart lock. Enterprise-grade router and Wifi access point. Privacy glass on all windows. Mini-refrigerator. 6’ whiteboard wall. All weather heating and cooling. Air filtration system.

Presale: You are reserving a place in line for deliveries that begin in October 2022. We will meet demand for the Founder Edition in the order that it is received. After placing your order, a Denizen representative will reach out to answer any questions you might have about delivery and installation. We will contact you in April 2022 to schedule a delivery window. At that time, a 50% down payment will be required to lock in your delivery date. If you decide to cancel your order for any reason prior to placing the 50% down payment, we will refund the full amount of your original $1,000 deposit.

Denizen Founder Edition Smartpod (including shipping)

$ 55,000.00 USD + Tax

Due Today (refundable deposit)

$ 1,000.00 USD
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