How much space do I need to properly place a Denizen smartpod?

The smartpod foundation is 12' L X 7.5' W.  Denizen will assess local building codes to determine  the exact space requirements to fully accommodate your Denizen.

How is the Archetype installed?  Are permits required?

The Denizen smartpod is designed and built to require minimal foundation and permits. The Denizen team provides installation services as part of the cost of the smartpod.  

Can it be moved after installation?

Denizens can be moved to new locations after they are installed. Denizen provides relocation services to help manage the process end-to-end.

How much power does the smartpod require?

Denizen can be supplied with single phase 120V AC 40 amp feed.

How is the smartpod heated and cooled?

The Denizen smartpod comes equipped with a fully integrated HVAC system to ensure you are always comfortable while working in any environment.

How many people can work in the smartpod at once?

The Denizen smartpod is optimally designed for one person, but can accomodate up to two people comfortably.

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