Denizen office pods are designed like consumer products, not conventional buildings, making them the perfect place to leverage advanced technology - like 3D printing, robotic fabrication, and integrated connectivity.

Every pod we build combines cutting-edge manufacturing, premium renewable materials, and sophisticated craftsmanship.

This approach is the future of construction - and when you work from a Denizen, you can feel it.


Every human should have the opportunity to do work they love. At Denizen, we build products for people to find their passions, collaborate, solve hard problems, and make a better world.

Work can be epic, mundane, critical, or trivial. But some work is the work: work of waking up every day to make things better, by bringing people together and by solving hard problems.

Denizen exists to connect people with their passion and empower exactly that kind of work. We have one simple goal: make every day you spend in a Denizen the best day of work you’ve ever had.


At Denizen, corporate responsibility is at our core, and we believe that all companies producing goods or services should be financially responsible for the total life cycle costs of their products.

Consumer responsibility for sustainability is a misdirection, perpetuated by companies who profit from it. Our most important impact comes from making emitters and polluters responsible for their own messes. They are the only ones who can effectively address the impacts of what they create.

We are putting that belief into practice: Our office pods are 100% recyclable, and at the end of their life, we maintain responsibility for returning them to raw materials, which we will use for 3D printing new office pods.

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